Expand your service offering with on or off-premise automated cyber security risk assessment

SmartCheck allows consultants and service providers to expand and optimise their ability to provide cyber security assessments, ransomware readiness reviews and a range of other audit services through the use of a simple automated cyber security risk assessment tool.


  • Quick delivery and revenue, through automated risk assessments
  • Benchmarks clients against 12 controls, based on NCSC advice
  • Quantitative reports based on all relevant data in minutes
  • Maximised value-added service opportunities

SmartCheck allows you to easily add cyber security risk assessments to your service offerings, as either an on or off-premise risk audit. It automatically measures 12 controls aligned to the cyber-attack sequence, to prevent and limit ransomware attacks. Deploying easily, it quickly interrogates clients’ systems, and can even be used to support third-party suppliers.

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