Partnering with cyber security vendor Huntsman Security

Stay at the leading edge of cyber security by partnering with Huntsman Security – a globally trusted brand that has been developing innovative cyber security software since 1999.

Our software supports your cyber security risk management practices and processes, using monitoring, analysis and response technology to protect the IT assets and systems that store your IP, processes, and the contact and financial information of your clients against unauthorised access, attack and damage.

Our cutting-edge software suite utilises machine learning and high speed in stream processing to collect and contextualise security data in real time – to equip you to protect your clients’ environments.

For every Partner we work with regardless of size, we deliver:

  • Cost-effective pricing models at any size, from 250 – 50,000+ endpoints – with a range of avenues to grow your margins as you scale
  • Multi-tenancy on a single platform, with our SIEM and Scorecard products
  • Optional white-labelled dashboards and assets, should you wish to keep your brand prominent
  • Onboarding Training for your team + ongoing Professional Development, Events and resources
  • Installation guides and additional resources for your team, as well as assets for your customers
  • Flexible commercial and licencing arrangements with OpEx/subscription models to establish or grow recurring revenue streams
  • Expanded service offering with on or off-premise automated applications


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