Cyber security in Defence & Intelligence is at the forefront of cyber-security risk, under constant attack, and operating in inherently risky or hostile environments. 

Our in-depth experience and understanding of these highly sensitive environments, and the data contained within, make Huntsman Security a preferred option across the UK and Australia. 

As your security teams manage your cyber defence intelligence, they understand that threats are not only from external attacks, or foreign or state sponsored actors and activists; but also insiders. Highly interdependent and complex supply chain participants add to the diverse network and communication systems needing to be monitored and protected. 

They have a continual need to interface with the information systems of suppliers and partners, often including highly advanced and sensitive assets and systems, making this the most operationally demanding theatre for IT and network cyber-protection. 

How Huntsman Security can assist Defence suppliers

Whether you are a government agency or sit within a government’s defence supply chain, there are some cyber security capabilities that are key to protecting your environment:

  • Behavioural Anomaly Detection (BAD) to detect unique, bespoke or targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs);
  • Integration and unified data management for leading cyber security, network analysis and malware protection solutions;
  • Data classification, segmentation and security;
  • Full role-based access control, detailed audit trails and support for a variety of underlying hardware, operating systems and database platforms;
  • Advanced threat intelligence and situational awareness features to support specific investigation and response requirements;
  • High volume, big data capability for structured and unstructured data sources capable of operating at over 130,000 EPS on commodity hardware and managing hundreds of Tb of storage.

At Huntsman Security, we deliver advanced threat protection solutions which originate within the Defence and Intelligence community. Our Enterprise SIEM, with its near real-time data collection, streamlined analytics and unparalleled behaviour anomaly detection directly supports the mission critical goals of high-end military and intelligence IT SOC systems.


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