Detecting a threat and generating an alert is only the first stage of the security operations process.

Huntsman Security’s SIEM provides complete support for the alert triage, investigation and response lifecycle.

Key alert and incident features of Huntsman Security’s SIEM:

  • Threat verification automatically gathers evidence to enrich alert data and eliminate false positives
  • Alert tagging, to aid triage and classification with customisable status
  • Clearly pinpointing an asset or user at risk, through multiple views of attack information by users or endpoints. This simplifies and accelerates critical cyber security decisions and response actions.
  • Incident management, screens for tracking, as issues are opened, investigated and closed
  • Incident history and root cause

Built-in high speed detection capabilities, matched to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework

Extensive automated response script and command execution capabilities

Any data set within the system easily translated into a report and automatically published to a relevant stakeholder

Real-time machine learning capabilities to detect unknown threats


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