Early warning systems to alert your SOC team to pending cyber-attacks are invaluable.

Huntsman Security’s SIEM offers built-in high speed detection capabilities, matched to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, that adds contextual information on pending attacks and their severity.

MITRE ATT&CK® heatmap highlights:

  • Live dashboard that changes colour progressively, shows changes in tactics such as lateral movement and privilege escalation as they occur
  • Equips analysts with an accurate picture of the state of alerts and detailed actions on how best to respond
  • Multiple views of attack information by users or endpoints, to pinpoint an asset/user at risk, and quickly tailor responsive action
  • Identifies patterns of intrusions and onward activity, to pre-empt subsequent stages
  • Provides easy access to mitigations, for each stage of an attack, with a simple right click
  • Provides context of alerts and stage(s) in the attack lifecycle, with a clear visual display based on users, endpoints or time windows
  • Prioritises which alerts get attention, based on severity and volume of occurrences
Huntsman MITRE ATT&CK® Summary Dashboard
Huntsman MITRE ATT&CK® Active Heatmap
Huntsman MITRE ATT&CK® Active Heatmap with Mitigations

Extensive automated response script and command execution capabilities

Any data set within the system easily translated into a report and automatically published to a relevant stakeholder

Real-time machine learning capabilities to detect unknown threats

Complete support for the alert triage, investigation and response lifecycle


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