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Gain Director and Executive level visibility of your organisation’s cyber security posture

The Essential 8 Auditor provides Directors and Executive teams
with cyber vulnerability and maturity oversight at any point in time.

From risk management and governance level reporting, to the prevention, containment and recovery from cyber security incidents.
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Three key benefits of the Essential 8 Auditor

Essential 8 Auditor benefits across industries

Financial Services: Banking, insurance, superannuation, wealth management

  • On-demand measurement of security control effectiveness against the E8 framework
  • Provides quick and objective cyber metrics via dashboards 
  • Automatically distributes reports to key stakeholders across the business

Government: Federal and state departments, and local councils

  • Insights on cyber risk and aligning with security controls against the E8 framework
  • Identifies cyber gaps and provides a ‘to-do’ list for remediation
  • Provides automated, data-driven reports for executives and directors

Healthcare: Hospitals, medical, pharmaceutical and research organisations

  • Quickly measures and clearly reports cyber security posture against the E8 framework
  • Insights on cyber gaps that may expose your organisation or its patients to poor cyber security outcomes

Critical infrastructure: Energy, utilities, communications and more

  • Identifies vulnerabilities and reports any areas of changing cyber risk
  • Inbuilt summary reporting to keep executives and directors informed of your cyber posture, to support their cyber governance responsibilities. 

Freight & logistics: Supply chain, transportation and shipping

  • Delivers an immediate view of security control effectiveness against the E8 framework
  • Inbuilt summary reporting to keep executives and directors informed of your cyber posture, to support their cyber governance responsibilities. 

How leading organisations stay on top of their security posture in real-time

“Informed oversight of risk involves the board being satisfied that cyber risks are adequately addressed by the risk management framework of the organisation.”

‘Key questions for an organisation’s board of directors’ Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

“I would not have been able to do the reporting myself without the tool. It made the impossible possible for me. If I really needed to put a time saving factor, I would say it makes things 5-10 times faster.”

Information Technology Security Advisor Federal Government Agency

Complete visibility for Executives and Directors, streamlined installation and use for Staff


On-demand operation

Empirical measurement

Gap analysis, to uplift resilience

Live dashboards (data export available)

Data-driven assessment

Reporting Capabilities

Systematic risk-reporting framework

Executive security summary reports

“To-do” list for non-compliant endpoints

ACSC Security maturity level determination (L0-L3)



Easy self-install


Upgrades to latest ACSC Essential Eight recommendations

Product Support and Service


Onsite available

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