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Director and Executive level visibility of an organisation's cyber security posture

From risk management and governance level reporting to the prevention, containment and recovery from cyber security incidents. The Essential 8 Auditor provides Directors and Executive teams with oversight of their cyber vulnerability and maturity at all times.

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Brenda Sharton

"Ransomware attacks grew 150% in 2020 and in 2021 it’s even faster. Good preparation, cyber security hygiene and a plan in place will reduce that risk."
Harvard Business Review, 20 May ‘21

Information Technology Security Advisor Federal Government Agency

"I would not have been able to do the reporting myself without the tool. It made the impossible possible for me. If I really needed to put a time saving factor, I would say it makes things 5-10 times faster."

Key features that provide visibility for Executives & Directors + streamline installation and use for Staff

On-demand operation Empirical measurement Gap analysis, to uplift resilience Live dashboards (data export available) Data-driven assessment
Reporting Capabilities
Systematic risk-reporting framework Executive security summary reports “To-do” list for non-compliant endpoints ACSC Security maturity level determination (L0 – L3)
Light weight Easy self-install Agentless Upgrades to latest ACSC Essential 8 recommendations
Product Support and Service
Phone/Email (incl.) Onsite available

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