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Are you aware of the tightening industry requirements in obtaining cyber insurance this year?

Anticipating and adapting to the ongoing changes in cyber insurance eligibility and coverage is important for any organisation that prioritises cyber insurance as a risk-control. Huntsman Security can support Management and Directors in fulfilling informed oversight activities using cyber-risk management markers.

Visualise & measure the cyber risk controls that will affect your insurance premiums and eligibility for cover

Understand your cyber posture with a data-driven application designed to measure your cyber resilience

Improve your security controls and maintain your access to insurance as a risk management option

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Managing Cyber Risk Insurance

By reaching out to a Huntsman Security expert today, you can book in a complementary 20 minute Cyber Education Session for your Risk Team or Executive & Board for their ongoing understanding of cyber risk.

Your risk profile is the single most important factor in informing re-insurance success

Huntsman Security’s Essential 8 Auditor application strengthens your internal capacity to address current emerging cyber risk areas. Help support the renewal of your cyber insurance, and manage your broader cyber security needs now.

To start the preliminary steps to obtain your Initial Insurance Renewal Report driven by the Essential 8 Auditor, just click the button below to reach out to an expert at Huntsman Security.

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Australia's Essential Eight

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Cyber gap measurement & evidence

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Systematic measurement of cyber controls

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How leading organisations stay on top of their security posture in real-time

I would not have been able to do the reporting myself without the tool. It made the impossible possible for me. If I really needed to put a time saving factor, I would say it makes things 5-10 times faster
Information Technology Security Advisor Federal Government Agency

How leading organisations stay on top of their security posture in real-time

Informed oversight of risk involves the board being satisfied that cyber risks are adequately addressed by the risk management framework of the organisation.
Key questions for an organisation’s board of directors’ Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

Why choose Huntsman Security?

For over 20 years, we’ve helped business leaders connect with innovative security technology software solutions. We help governments and businesses measure, report and reduce cyber risk to enable digital transformation to more efficient operating models in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Huntsman Security works with clients in mission critical security environments, with research and development into advanced cyber threat detection, incident management and real-time compliance reporting. We operate globally, with offices in Sydney, Canberra and London; and operations in Japan and the Philippines.

Are you ready to prioritise your cyber insurance as a risk-control?

Support your team in fulfilling informed oversight activities. Learn how you can anticipate and adapt to these ongoing changes in cyber insurance eligibility and coverage.

Download a free copy of Managing Cyber Risk Insurance to find out more, or contact us directly and speak to an expert at Huntsman Security today.


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