Cyber Risk Reporting
with systematic, data-driven measurement

Are you asking the right questions to protect your organisation’s assets, and demonstrate that you have informed oversight?

Do you have access to evidence-based information?

A Single Source of Truth for Risk Management Stakeholders, one application to fulfil your cyber-risk management obligations and boost operational resilience for you and 3rd parties.

Business continuity
Informs you of the risk of a cyber attack impacting your business

With automated data-driven reporting, SmartCheck equips security teams with a tactical dashboard to quickly visualise key cyber security issues needing resolution – supporting ongoing, continuous prevention and mitigation activities.

SmartCheck helps organisations to minimise:

  • The time required to identify any changes in your attack surface and any emerging vulnerabilities before they become a risk.
  • The cost of disruption and down-time by identifying risks early, and prompting their remediation

Because it measures the performance of your key detection, containment and recovery controls SmartCheck provides clear and accurate direction to improve your operational resilience in the face of a cyber attack and minimise:

  • The risk of overall revenue losses of a business interruption.
  • The potential impact and cost of reestablishment of systems or productivity

Risk management and governance
Automated cyber posture reports, for all stakeholders

SmartCheck’s Management and Director level reports ensure leaders have the right level of visibility of cyber-risks to stay informed of your organisation’s cyber security posture – supporting good governance practices.

SmartCheck provides:

  • Systematic and quantifiable reports to all risk management stakeholders, with proof of performance – including 56 individual measurements within 12 summary categories.
  • Visibility and accurate measurement of the effectiveness of each security risk control.

It is a single application to satisfy your GRC and operational cyber-risk management requirements.

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Asset & data protection
Guard your organisation’s reputation with increased risk visibility & immediate reporting of emerging cyber issues

SmartCheck gives you immediate and clear visibility of your IT assets and systems and the security controls that protect your organisation and its operation.

Cyber attacks can quickly escalate into an uncontrollable situation. Confirmation that critical assets or sensitive data has been accessed is everyone’s worst fear. Operational disruption, loss of customer data and falling shareholder value can have massive reputational and financial implications for everyone concerned.

It is vital for all of those responsible for the oversight of cyber security risk management to have clear visibility of the cyber security risks the organisation is facing, and an understanding of the business implications of those residual risks.

Visibility of your key security controls and an understanding of your business risk implications are essential elements in managing organisational cyber-risks such as ransomware or any other malware attacks.

SmartCheck equips all the members of your cyber-risk management team with a shared set of security information to identify the gaps and apply fixes to minimise the risk of data loss and ensuing reputational damage.

Insurance & 3rd party requirements
Produce verifiable cyber posture reports

As external cyber reporting and verification requirements now extend beyond government directives, SmartCheck supports you with evidence-based reporting to confirm your security controls.

As 3rd parties, in their pursuit of greater risk control-effectiveness, request proof of your status to minimise their own operational risks, SmartCheck equips your team with automated data-driven information to easily produce reliable quantitative cyber-risk reports within minutes.

SmartCheck automates reporting for:

• Insurers who base your eligibility for cybercover on the verification of your security control effectiveness.

• 3rd party suppliers and partners increasingly requiring positive proof that the changing cyber-risk status of other parties in the supply chain doesn’t introduce unmitigated risk into their operations.

SmartCheck delivers a new standard in supporting contractual and cyber insurance information requirements, within a single easy-to use application.

Competitive Advantage







SmartCheck automatically measures the effectiveness of your security controls. It identifies any gaps and a “to-do list” of ransomware mitigation requirements.


Leverage our industry specific cyber security techniques and tactics to improve the fidelity of your cyber risk management controls.


Cyber security in Defence & Intelligence is at the forefront of cyber security risk, under constant attack, and operating in inherently risky or hostile environments. Our in-depth experience and understanding of these highly sensitive environments, and the data contained within, make Huntsman Security a preferred option across the UK and Australia.

Critical Infrastructure

Huntsman Security is experienced in supporting critical infrastructure organisations to manage their cyber security risk controls, with applications supporting security control monitoring and measurement.
Our comprehensive attack surface capabilities automatically verify your IT assets, measure vulnerabilities and report any areas of changing cyber-risk.


In the financial sector, security and risk are closely linked. Preventing data breaches and the associated fallout of financial loss and reputational damage is critical to your organisation’s success.
Our software helps you ensure that the cyber-risk controls that support the protection of your customers’ personally identifiable information, meet your government and industry regulatory requirements, and support auditing by your security teams and external auditors.

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The single source of truth for cyber reporting


Has your organisation shifted to automated risk measurement, or are you still relying on a manual approach?


Does your team regularly identify your cyber deficits and then apply fixes?


If your executive asked for a measure of your Cyber Security Posture, are evidence-based metrics available?

SmartCheck automates your cyber-risk reporting with systematic, data-driven measurement.

By measuring 12 summary security control categories aligned to NCSC and NIST guidance, the SmartCheck application equips you to reduce your risk of a cyber-attack, and improve your cyber resilience across the organisation. Designed to assess your attack surface and measure cyber security posture, SmartCheck automates cyber reporting into a single repository of risk information – streamlining GRC reports for Management, Risk Teams, and Directors. It provides operational reports to enable security and engineering teams to identify and remediate cyber issues.


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