Essential Buyers Guide to SIEM For Managed Security Service Providers

SIEM sits at the nexus of endpoint and network information technologies. It informs security teams, and other stakeholders, of relevant security events across databases and business applications as well as inbound and other endpoint activity.

As a result, SIEM continues to be one of the most common technology purchases made by security operations teams, although there is a noticeable trend towards organisations supplementing some of their own security operational capabilities with external expertise. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are increasingly offering supplementary and specialist SIEM based security services to assist organisations address the complexity of successful cyber security management.

Essential Buyers Guide to SIEM For Managed Security Service Providers

Security Information and Event Management software (SIEM) grew out of a need to collect and retain log information from systems and security controls. Originally, this was compliance-driven, with many early solutions simply gathering log data to allow security teams and other stakeholders to examine logs for non-complaint or suspicious activity. This remains a requirement for many SIEM buyers.


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