A step by step Compliance Guide detailing how Huntsman Enterprise SIEM supports PCI DSS regulations, meeting the challenges without leaving security gaps.

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PCI DSS Compliance Guide

This Compliance Guide shows how an advanced Security Information and Event Management system like Huntsman meets the challenge without leaving security gaps. Huntsman:

  • Continually monitors network traffic, end points, servers, databases, applications and existing security systems for alerts, abnormal behaviour and suspect activity
  • Monitors and alerts on additions, deletions, lockouts, and modifications of user IDs, privilege escalation of user access to card holder data and invalid logical access attempts
  • Enables IT security staff to connect the dots between apparently unrelated events, thus enhancing the organisation’s PCI DSS compliance.

Key terms and topics addressed:

  • PCI compliance, database access monitoring, security and risk management
  • Data assurance, application security, data breach protection, fraud
  • IT risk management, event contextualisation and correlation; real-time access monitoring
  • Behaviour anomaly detection, suspicious activities, baseline of normal activity
  • Operational risk mitigation, proactive compliance monitoring.


Read by directors, executives, and security professionals globally, operating in the most complex of security environments.