Adopting Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) to reduce your organisation’s time at risk

Security Orchestration and Automated Response enables rapid threat containment and resolution. When your organisation is running threat detection systems, you’ll be aware they can generate an avalanche of data on potential threats and indicators of compromise, which your security team then needs to assess and respond to quickly.

This verification/triage overhead is getting busier and more time consuming as time goes on, exposing organisations to increasing risk of successful attack.


Man versus Machine

Even with threat detection solutions that deliver extensive threat context – the problem prevails. Security alerts are bundled within an avalanche of data on potential threats and indicators of compromise, which your security team needs to manually investigate and verify if the threats are real.

Investigating machine generated alerts manually is simply not effective. Your team needs to have a machine driven response to relieve the pressure on the incident management process. 

A good SOAR solution delivers

  • Rapid threat containment
  • Minimal time spent on evaluating false positives
  • Automated, streamlined Security Operations processes
  • Increased time for your Security team to investigate and respond to real threats
  • More time for proactive threat hunting
  • Reduced time at risk

Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM provides the solution to manage the gap between detection and response. Our technology’s Analyst Portal functionality automatically verifies ALL security alerts in seconds, and delivers a casefile of all available and relevant information for threat solution by (a) a senior analyst or (b) machine automated action.

Analyst Portal works with third-party enforcement tools such as Cisco ISE to automate security processes enabling Rapid Threat Containment. 

Take steps to contain the threats to your organisation

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