Cloud Service Providers are looking for Security Analytics

Cloud computing is continuing to revolutionise the way organisations store and access data, access applications and deliver IT services. For cloud service providers, security is key to their success. Keeping data secure has become ever more important since the requirements of GDPR came into force and imposed requirements on data processors as well as controllers. But also, more recently, as a result of the pandemic – with its huge and sudden rise in hybrid and home-working, cloud based IT service delivery and online retail.

Security and privacy risks arising from the shared, on-demand nature of cloud platforms continue to be a barrier to cloud adoption for some. With the growing number of cyber attacks and the lack of direct control, customers continue to need assurance that cloud monitoring is robust, their data is secure, and their privacy is not being compromised.

As a service provider you need to demonstrate distinct separation of customer data and reporting, and ensure data segregation within your cloud environments and core infrastructure. Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM supports this.

The challenge and opportunity for cloud service providers

Cloud services are accessible from anywhere and hence provide valuable IT capabilities for businesses that operate online, remotely, in offices or across the globe. But they can also introduce new security requirements on access and monitoring. With increasing mobile and remote access, user access to these applications via the Internet is often invisible to the customer’s normal network monitoring solutions.

As a cloud service provider you need a SIEM & Security Analytics platform that is robust, dependable, agile and easy to operate. Your chosen technology needs to support your business model by minimising service delivery costs and simplifying the security management process. You want a platform that:

  • Gives you an advantage over competitors that cannot offer equivalent levels of assurance to security-conscious customers
  • Helps you grow revenue by enabling you to provide value-added services in data protection and security monitoring

Improve security and efficiency with Enterprise SIEM

Enterprise SIEM is ideal for cloud and service monitoring as it builds on its origins in complex, multi-domain, sensitive environments like defence, intelligence, financial services and telecoms. Below are some of the advantages of the technology.

Speed of data processing

  • Real-time, high-volume activity processing for platforms, infrastructure and applications
  • Ease of deployment, expansion and customisation to fit the elastic nature of cloud service delivery
  • Flexible architecture and high scalability to meet changing needs

Multi-tenant security

  • Robust data separation, role-based access control and multi-tenancy support
  • Comprehensive audit capability across all operator activity
  • Easy segmentation of customers’ data and reports

Security monitoring & reporting

  • In-built, continuous compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Incident management workflow support and drill-down investigation capabilities
  • Automated response to mitigate attacks, safeguard systems and protect data

Low total cost of ownership

  • Low TCO, fast ROI and short learning curves for staff
  • Easy demonstration of service capability to build credibility with customers
  • Lower set-up and operational costs and simplified service differentiation

Security Analytics for advanced threat detection

  • Real-time correlation combined with Behavioural Anomaly Detection to provide more advanced monitoring services
  • Threat detection based on externally available sources of known risks, attack origins and indicators of compromise across a wide service and customer portfolio – enabling truly intelligent value-added services

How multi-tenancy will improve your cloud security service offering

Enterprise SIEM allows separation of customer monitoring data throughout its lifetime. The technology’s access control functions provide for the creation of organisation or system communities, which ensures clear separation between cloud customers, applications and data sets.

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