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Huntsman Security’s cyber security SIEM software technology is acknowledged in the Forrester Wave™: Security Analytics Platforms, Q3 2018 for it’s strength in compliance monitoring and massive scalability in large environments. In addition to providing solutions to support national and international security, management and privacy standards, we have our award winning cyber risk measurement and maturity level benchmarking tools that systematically audit, track and report on the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of your security controls – a key requirement in a number of risk management frameworks.

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Cyber Security Compliance Solutions

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ACSC Essential 8

Continuously measure your maturity

Cyber Essentials

Conduct continuous monitoring


Monitor the 5 cyber security clauses


Measure security control effectiveness


Cyber hygiene monitoring and improvement


Cyber security capability & maturity measurement

Today’s security compliance challenges

In current times, IT governance and compliance are key issues for many industries due to the type of data they process or the regulatory and legal rules that apply to them. Today, Europe’s GDPR legislation and Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach Scheme are firmly established, giving organisation’s responsibility to report breaches within a time-frame. In addition, industry-specific regulations have emerged, such as the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority standard for cyber security, APRA CPS 234, and US DoD’s CMMC require organisations to measure, audit and report on the effectiveness of their security controls.

The complexity of obligations

Your cyber security compliance obligations have never been more complex. For a start, there is the cost, which increases in response to an ever-growing number of breaches. Then there is the time and discipline required to implement security controls and then monitor them. Compliance management can be onerous, some firms adopt a minimalist approach, with the resultant risk that information exposures remain.

The external nature of commitments

Security Compliance is primarily based on external requirements rather than your organisation’s own business or risk management objectives. Any obligations you have should be incorporated into your organisation’s risk management plan – to help protect business continuity and build cyber resilience.

Minimum standards deliver no guarantees

Security compliance standards often define minimum standards of IT governance. They do not guarantee cyber resilience or determine best practices; they merely tick the compliance box.

How to meet all your security compliance obligations

Having the ability to meet all your security compliance obligations is very important; being able to contain this to a manageable workload will undoubtedly support the development of cyber resilience.

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Huntsman Security provides security compliance solutions that are unobtrusive, cost-effective and deliver actual business value in terms of improved process efficiency, greater transparency, and increased confidence to you, your auditors and your regulators. Our technology:


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