Quantify your cyber security performance

Better cyber risk measurement requires better tools, automated tools to measure security control effectiveness, alert you to change, identify gaps and map trends. This sort of performance data can only come from within the organisation itself; where the state of cyber security controls can be dynamically measured and residual risks that might pose a threat to the enterprise determined. To be effective, security controls must be maintained.

Give stakeholders the performance visibility they need to protect the reputation and assets of your business.

Automatically measure the effectiveness of your security controls

Huntsman Security’s Essential Eight monitoring tools automatically measure the effectiveness of your security controls, against the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s ACSC Essential Eight; eight key controls found to be the most effective against cyber threats.

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Whether you are looking to execute a cyber risk audit or continuously monitor your security controls, Huntsman Security has developed the tools to help you succeed.

Find out how to measure the effectiveness of your security controls

Explore the Essential 8 Auditor

Executes an audit to provide an immediate view of your security controls effectiveness

Explore the Essential 8 Scorecard

Continuously monitors and reports on the effectiveness of your security controls


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