The Internet of Things (IoT) is a challenge for all of us, at home and in the workplace. Explore the security implications.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes all the electronic devices that are becoming commonplace in the consumer and enterprise markets. This creates challenges for us all, at home and in the workplace.

This fully-referenced White Paper examines:

  • The challenges presented by this new generation of devices;
  • Enterprise Security considerations;
  • Proactive steps to ensure effective security is maintained;

Key terms and topics raised in this White Paper:

  • Most IoT products are aimed at the home market;
  • The emergence of ‘Enterprise Network of Things’ – enterprise class equivalents;
  • Targets for IoT devices;
  • Automatic connectivity of wireless devices;
  • Manufacturers of IoT devices are using default passwords, unsecure protocols and open connectivity;
  • Effect of compromise of IoT devices;


Read by directors, executives, and security professionals globally, operating in the most complex of security environments.