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“You’ve heard of a black swan; well, we realised that you can’t anticipate every potentially threatening security situation. You can’t have a rule for everything and so we deployed Huntsman which monitors for what we are not expecting.”
Risk Manager, UK Government Agency
“The complete Huntsman platform deployment now provides us with the ability to control our threat environment. By being able to see potential threats, even when they are masquerading as legitimate communications, means that our security system is constantly adapting to the risks faced by the enterprise and protecting our information assets and the value of the business.”
CISO, Major Defence Contractor
“What makes Huntsman so attractive is its ability to deliver appropriate and actionable information to our security and incident management teams…The bonus is leverage of our existing security investments – we’re now generating more value and more intelligence than we thought possible from some of our point solutions”
CISO, International Communications Carrier


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