Cyber Security Essentials

December 4, 2018

As we reflect on 2018 one thing is certain – cyber risk has become synonymous with business risk. Responsibility for your organisation’s cyber posture has escalated to senior management level; understanding your position has never been more important and awareness of external factors more necessary.  Read the 2019 Cyber Security Predictions paper.

Over 2018 the Huntsman team has seen a number of trends develop which may impact your organisation’s operation and exposure to risk; we’ve created a White Paper to share these with you:

 Predictions 2019 – Looking forward to next year in cyber security

White paper detailing Huntsman Security cyber security predictions for 2019

The key predictions are:

  1. A hacked election and consequences of ‘fake news’ popularity;
  2. Major disruption
  3. A hacked election and consequences of ‘fake news’ popularity;
  4. Major disruption in utilities and critical infrastructure sector with wide reaching effects;
  5. A GDPR data breach fine of global proportions;
  6. Growing reliance on cyber metrics to monitor and measure risk exposure;
  7. A rise in Distributed AI attacks using sophisticated behaviour profiling techniques;
  8. Businesses shifting focus from compliance to risk management;
  9. Accelerated adoption of managed security services by SMEs – doing nothing is no longer viable.

Take the first steps to build your cyber resilience; measure your cyber posture, benchmark your position start the journey of continuous improvement.


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