Cyber Insurance

December 1, 2022

Do you know the right questions to ask in managing your cyber risk and insurance?

Are you aware of the tightening industry requirements in obtaining cyber insurance this year?

As ransomware and cyber risk increase, Huntsman Security helps you address additional cyber insurance industry requirements for insurance renewals, with an Insurance Renewal Initial Report driven by one of the following applications:

Included with both options are configuration support, interpretation of the Insurance Renewal Initial Report and an explanation of the ‘to-do’ remediation list. Huntsman Security also offers an optional 30-minute Risk Team/Executive & Board cyber education session, for their ongoing understanding of their cyber risk.

Huntsman Security’s benchmarking and alignment against the global standards of ACSCNCSC and NIST enables data-driven cyber security oversight for organisations and departments, protecting your IT assets, systems and sensitive information on-site and in remote locations, across on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid IT environments.

It provides the ability to identify security vulnerabilities across your entire organisation, inform your in-house team with a check-list of gaps for remediation, and then regularly re-audit your environment to maintain and validate your cyber posture and your re-insurance readiness.

Anticipating and adapting to these ongoing changes in cyber insurance eligibility and coverage is important for any organisation that prioritises cyber insurance as a risk-control, and also supports Management and Directors in fulfilling informed oversight activities.

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