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November 17, 2015

It SIEM’s Huntsman Security has developed game changing technology that makes a real difference in cyber security incident management and resolution.

Huntsman Security, owned by Sydney based cyber security company, Tier-3, today announced the launch of its new vendor-agnostic machine learning-based Automated Threat Verification (ATV) technology. CEO Peter Woollacott, says this is one of the most exciting updates in the security technology space for years and, “There has never been more security intelligence available to support cybersecurity specialists. The problem however is that there is a dependency on manual processing of this machine-generated information. Consequently, security specialists are struggling to isolate the real threats from the noise and valuable time is lost.” Woollacott went on to say, “In environments that generate billions of events per day, current solutions can’t scale for speedy detection or resolution. With ATV at its core the Huntsman Analyst Portal® dramatically reduces the critical delay between threat detection and resolution by focusing analyst resources on the threats that really matter.”


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