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April 16, 2015

Huntsman Enters US Market, Brings New Tech for ‘Actionable Intelligence’

16 April 2015 (Source: FierceITSecurity) Huntsman, a subsidiary of Australian IT security company Tier-3, Thursday announced its entrance into the U.S. market where it hopes to challenge entrenched security and event management (SIEM) competitors. Along with the incursion, Huntsman unveiled new tech squarely positioned to capitalize on a trend seeing C-level execs demand more actionable insight regarding IT threats.

With high-profile breaches like Sony and Target creating PR nightmares, C-suite executives are making IT security a top priority. Huntsman CEO Peter Woollacott said in an interview with FierceITSecurity that this shift in prioritization is a “maturation” of the IT security space.

“When I speak to [executives] they tell me that several years ago they knew about IT security threats, but they weren’t that familiar with them, and, more importantly, they weren’t that familiar with the implications,” Woollacott said. “What they want to know is, ‘If there is a security threat, what part of my business is potentially impacted? What are you doing to fix that particular problem? And what do I need to do, relative to the other business risks that I’m facing, to remediate that problem?'”

Medium- to large-sized businesses rely on SIEMs to keep track of security logs and other IT security data. However, as companies expand or acquire other companies, multiple SIEMs can bog down the analysis process, with Woollacott’s research showing that American companies go as long as 170 days on average without recognizing potential threats.

Knowing that, Woollacott and his team are introducing a new tech called the Huntsman Unified Console that consolidates information from existing legacy SIEMs and presents the data in readable dashboards. The idea is to give the company what Woollacott calls “actionable intelligence” or easily evaluated threat vector analysis that analysts–or even execs–can use to make decisions.

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