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November 22, 2015

LONDON, UK – November 23, 2015 – Huntsman Security is today able to announce that the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM solution, with in-built compliance packs and dashboards (including for GPG13) for the public sector market, has just been renewed and is available as part of the G-Cloud 7 framework on the UK government digital marketplace.

The Huntsman solution for public sector customers allows them to deploy the software as a virtual appliance on their own environment and to establish robust and comprehensive protective monitoring technology under their full operational control.  This includes cloud-based and local systems as well as network, platform and application logs.

Its availability through the digital marketplace means that departments and agencies can purchase the technology and deploy it quickly through pre-approved commercial arrangements.

Huntsman was the first and only software solution within the digital marketplace (formerly Cloudstore) under G-Cloud 5 and it continuers to offer self-managed, on-premise deployment and GPG13 protective monitoring of both cloud and local systems.

Full details are available at:

Mairead Keaney, Head of EMEA for Huntsman Security, stated: “Once again we are able to offer Huntsman solutions through the digital marketplace to buyers in the public sector.  The UK government’s needs for more flexibility in IT provision, simplified commercial processes and effective cyber security are ones that Huntsman Security have been happy to be able to support throughout the previous G-Cloud 5 framework and now will continue to serve as part of G-Cloud 7”.



About Huntsman Security: 

Huntsman Security – whose parent Tier-3 was founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cybersecurity specialist focused on real-time security detection, verification and resolution. Deployed in mission-critical security environments, national intelligence, border protection, banking and infrastructure globally, Huntsman offers military-grade protection that proactively detects indicators of compromise.

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