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May 31, 2016


Massive growth in interest around security analytics, threat management and automation has driven rapid evolution of Huntsman Security cyber risk solutions with new version released today


Sydney, May 31 2016.  Huntsman® today announced the latest release of its enterprise-wide cyber defence technology.  This update enhances the security analytic capabilities, expands the cloud integration connector and delivers increased response capabilities.

“This new version builds on the existing capabilities we have in enterprise security analytics, machine-learning and automated threat resolution – extending the capabilities of the core technology and continuing to increase its maturity.” said Piers Wilson, Huntsman’s Head of Product Management.

Peter Woollacott, Huntsman® founder and CEO, said: “Building on our proven track record of machine-learning, anomaly detection and security analytics, Huntsman® is the first vendor in the sector to recognise and address the need for automated threat verification to re-engineer the detection-to-resolution process and reduce the time-at-risk.

This latest release maintains that innovation – and has been driven not only by our own R&D but also customer requirements and extensive discussions with leading market analysts.

Industry experts are now recognising and recommending the value of both machine learning and automation in the end-to-end cyber security threat management process.”

The latest releases of Huntsman Enterprise SIEM and Huntsman Analyst Portal®, now generally available, provide increased functionality in terms of the analytic capability to further improve threat detection, operator useability, and process automation to eliminate false positives and provide cyber security analysts with the information necessary to accurately respond,  at speed,   to only real threats.

Recent research by FireEye in the 2016 M-Trends report highlighted that 53% of breaches are still detected externally, with an average time from compromise to discovery of hundreds of days.  “As breaches continue to hit the news, organisations are increasingly looking to speed up the response and provide certainty to stakeholders that they have the necessary people, technology and processes in place to detect attacks and respond.” commented Piers Wilson.

The enhancements to cloud integration capabilities also deliver improved monitoring and visibility for businesses that have adopted cloud services for IT delivery.

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