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July 6, 2017

LONDON, UK – July 07, 2017 – Huntsman Security is delighted to announce that its product suite received a “Best Security Product” award, voted for by the delegates and attendees at the ISSA-UK Summer Conference on July 6.

Reflecting the culmination and evolution of its security analytics, behavioural anomaly detection and attack detection technology, Huntsman®’s solution brings security analytics, automated threat verification and response capability to enterprises that are struggling to deal with the volume of alerts and false positives generated by modern security controls and the need to respond to real threats in a timely manner.

Andy Burston, Security Specialist at Huntsman® in the UK said: “This is a great endorsement of the solution – our approach to industrialise and automate the threat detection, verification and response process gives tangible benefits, including time and energy savings, repeatability and reduced time-at-risk to our customers.”

Philip Black, Huntsman®’s presenter during the ISSA-UK event added: “Really the people that deserve credit for this award are the development team at Huntsman®, they are responsible for turning the innovative ideas and designs we have into the end product that’s been successful today.

“The business value of being able to detect cyber threats more quickly, understand them and then automatically respond is pretty clear.”

This award adds to the recognition and acclaim the Huntsman Security portfolio has received, including being included in the Forrester Research Vendor Landscape and Wave™ for Security Analytics solutions and being shortlisted finalist in several awards including the National Technology Awards, UK IT Industry Awards and Cyber Security Awards.

Information on Huntsman Solutions can be found at:

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About Huntsman Security:

Huntsman Security – founded in Sydney, Australia – is a cyber security specialist focused on real-time security analytics and threat detection, automated verification and resolution.

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