What is a SOC (Security Operations Centre)?

As your business grows, so does cyber risk. The tasks surrounding security monitoring, threat detection, alert and incident handling and – in line with regulatory and compliance requirements – breach response need to be formalised.

You also need to establish structure around service levels to your business and any customers – whether you are providing security operations as an end-user organisation/enterprise or as a service provider, this capability requires a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

What You Need to Build a SOC?

If your business is looking to build a SOC, or if you are developing and maturing your SOC there are several things that you will need to address – covering people, process and technology. 

Huntsman Security can support you with the technology element and in turn processes.

Huntsman Security Enterprise SIEM – The Core of Your SOC

Huntsman Security’s SIEM technology is an ideal partner for your SOC. It provides threat detection, alert management and incident response from the ground up. It operates quickly and autonomously, and interfaces with people in various roles the way they need it to. 

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Extensive Threat Detection with Advanced Security Analytics

Rapid detection of a wide range of cyber threats is critical in protecting your business, or those of your service customers, from the obvious and the obscure, the frequent and the rare, the known and the unknown, to the simple and the complex.

Huntsman Security’s next generation SIEM provides the widest range of threat detection capabilities. 

The SIEM’s Security Analytics engine processes data in real-time and in-stream to maximise the scope and speed of detection. It uses patterns, correlation across multiple sources, external threat intelligence, user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and machine learning at the user, network, platform and application level.

A Scalable Solution for any Business

Whether you manage a small business with a few technical operators or a multi-role, multi-disciplined team with 1st/2nd line operators, incident analysts, threat hunting and various management stakeholders who need visibility, our SIEM grows with your requirements. Its data store expands as needed and in response to surges of data that arise from a breach.

Streamlining your Incident Management Workflow

The Alert and Incident Management workflow is complex and time consuming. If you operate a large SOC you need technology that alleviates the sheer volume of routine demands such as qualifying alerts and triaging those that need attention.   

You need to focus your security team on proactive threat resolution.

Fast and Automated Incident Response

Large, high volume SOC environments can be supported with the automation capability of Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM. The technology delivers extensive automation and orchestration of alert investigation (data gathering/threat verification) and incident response through SOAR capabilities (quarantining/blocking). This means: 

  • The incident management process is reduced from weeks and months to seconds and minutes.
  • Automatically gathers context to verify alerts.
  • Slashing the number of false positives for investigation.

For real threats Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM can either:

  • Deliver a case file of all relevant information to the analyst team, or
  • Undertake a machine automated action to resolve the incident.

Actionable Reporting Insights

Clear, concise, timely reporting is paramount to building your SOC maturity. Huntsman Security’s technology reports and dashboards support: 

  • Security operators who need to see what’s going on at both a high level and operationally.
  • Management Stakeholders to review the progress and performance of security operations functions.

This is vital in demonstrating security defence status, reporting on compliance, producing evidence for audits, tracking trends over time or understanding real issues at a specific moment in time.

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