Gain visibility of your organisation’s cyber security risk

If your organisation doesn’t have a clear view of its cyber security posture, how can it be managed and incorporated into risk management decision making? Having the ability to quantify cyber risk is imperative in today’s operating environment. Imagine having:

  • An immediate view of security control effectiveness
  • A continuous measurement of cyber security posture
  • Visibility of performance, including trends over time – benchmarked against a known framework
  • Assurance that you are improving resistance to cyber threats

Huntsman Security provides solutions to measure, on a continuous or on-demand basis, the state of your organisation’s cyber security controls.

Essential 8 Auditor and Essential 8 Scorecard solutions can provide your organisation’s stakeholders with instant, objective visibility of how the business is tracking against the ACSC Essential Eight framework.

SmartCheck for Ransomware provides immediate visibility and measurement of the most effective 12 safeguards against ransomware attack.

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Objective cyber metrics using a trusted framework

Using the Australian government’s ACSC Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies, the solutions deliver cyber security performance metrics measured and calculated against the eight most fundamental security controls required to protect your organisation.

Automation delivers instant reporting

Huntsman Security solutions streamline and minimise the operational security reporting overhead on your team; they simply gather data from ongoing security operations and through direct connections to systems and configuration interfaces to automatically establish weak points, policy failures and vulnerabilities to the most common attack types such as malware and ransomware.

Essential 8 Auditor – Security Control Performance Dashboard

Improve the communication of your cyber security posture

Sharing the key performance metrics of your organisation’s cyber security posture gives you the best chance of protecting your business. Giving all stakeholders key insights enables them to make informed decisions that drive the strategy, health and competitiveness of your business.

SmartCheck for Ransomware – Clear visibility of ransomware control effectiveness

Cyber risk measurement with Huntsman Security

Flexibility and visibility

  • Operates across cloud, on premise or hybrid environments
  • Supports Risk Management Framework requirements to measure & audit security control performance
  • Integrates with IRM platforms
  • Accurate and a one off or continuous view of common cyber defence stress points
  • Risk reporting – provides reliable metrics for management decision-making

Improves effectiveness of resources

  • Removes unknown of self-assessment and reporting
  • Instantly identifies weaknesses for remediation
  • Minimises operational security reporting commitments
  • Saves time, cost and money when compared to a breach

Aligns to government recommendations

SmartCheck for Ransomware aligns to US Government’s NIST and UK Government’s NCSC advice on ransomware defence 


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