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November 9, 2021

Automated Application’s Security Safeguards Align with NCSC and NIST Guidelines

London, United Kingdom, 10 NOVEMBER 2021

Huntsman Security today announced the launch of SmartCheck for Ransomware – an automated, on-demand diagnostic application designed to assess the risk of a ransomware event. The application automatically gathers data directly from ongoing security operations to report an organisation’s posture against a set of security safeguards. These safeguards, align closely with those recently advised by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), and will give users confidence that they are following established cyber security best practice.

SmartCheck for Ransomware quickly and simply assesses organisations’ ransomware readiness and clearly presents a quantitative score measured against each of the 12 security controls. As a result, organisations can understand their risk exposure and adjust any of those security controls necessary to improve their security posture and ransomware readiness. Equally important, the verifiable report provides third parties, like insurers or prospective partners, with increased security trust levels at a time when supply chain security is a major concern.

“To protect against ransomware and effectively manage their security risks, it is vital that senior executives have clear visibility of their cyber posture,” said Peter Woollacott, CEO, Huntsman Security. “This goes beyond annual audits to having the relevant information available whenever the organisation needs it – whether to modify security settings to improve readiness; or to verify their posture to partners or insurers. By making assessments automated and in line with established best practice, we have given organisations access to reliable security information that they can use with confidence to improve their risk management processes.”

SmartCheck for Ransomware is designed to be easy to install and use, and is built with the same accuracy and reliability of Huntsman Security’s existing defence grade SIEM and Scorecard products. It measures the effectiveness of the key prevention, containment and recovery mitigation strategies across a cyber-attack sequence.

“As the threat of ransomware grows everywhere, organisations need to regularly assess their state of readiness,” continued Woollacott. “With insurers such as AIG tightening terms and raising premiums in response to the ransomware threat, organisations that can’t demonstrate adequate security precautions will find insurance terms increasingly difficult to negotiate. At the same time, organisations need to take steps to ensure that ransomware will not disrupt their operations or those of their supply chains – making assessing partners’ security posture just as important as assessing their own. Updating ransomware risk management efforts to include SmartCheck for Ransomware to better address their ever changing risk environment will put organisations in a much better position to combat the threat of ransomware.”

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