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July 1, 2015

Stakeholders at all levels across the organisation can access the true nature of risks and exposures in real-time

London, July 2015.  Cyber security threat management specialist Huntsman Security today made security and business risks meaningful to the wider enterprise with the latest iteration of its fully customisable Business Risk Dashboards (BRD). Business stakeholders from CEOs to business unit managers can see the precise risks to the business presented in terms they understand, rather than using excessive security and compliance jargon. Managers can take action as soon as threats or compliance issues arise, rather than waiting until they are flagged in regular audits. As a result, organisations can ensure continuous compliance, coupled with complete understanding of the risks they face.

“Organisations seeking to minimise risk have always faced two issues: recognition and response,” said Peter Woollacott, CEO, Huntsman Security. “Tell a CEO or sales manager about a breach in technical terms – systems, networks, databases – and the meaning and significance can be lost. Tell them that the business cannot accept customer payments until a problem is fixed and, despite essentially stating the same thing, they will quickly understand the issue. Yet making risks meaningful relies on them actually being identified. With most audits being a monthly, quarterly or even annual occurrence, issues can lie unresolved for weeks or even months. Huntsman® eliminates these issues; allowing business unit leaders to ensure continuous compliance and be permanently prepared for audits by giving visibility and understanding of risks in real-time.”

The emergence of security solutions has presented organisations with a wealth of information that is often presented in extremely specialist terms. The real-time threat detection engine at the heart of Huntsman’s Enterprise SIEM and Unified Console solutions means that its BRD interfaces provide organisations with fully user-selectable presentation of risk information that can be uniquely tailored to be meaningful depending on the needs of the user: whether that is the IT team, the sales manager, the divisional director, the audit function or the CFO.

The dashboard interface is fully integrated with the Huntsman® defence-grade security platform and builds on the company’s pedigree in compliance monitoring and visualisation, giving a fully flexible business risk view across multiple business domains, service customers or risk areas. By doing this in real-time, organisations can continually minimise risk.

“As cyber-threats grow in the 21st century, organisations are finding that a tick-box approach to compliance is not enough,” continued Peter Woollacott. “Good governance has always been about continuous improvement: constant awareness of the risks organisations face and ongoing action to reduce exposure and improve compliance. An organisation with a good understanding of risk and reduced ‘audit friction’ can act with far greater confidence than one that relies on a more intermittent and partial picture. As security, risk and compliance become increasingly intertwined, organisations that can implement continuous compliance and make risk meaningful to the business will be best placed to flourish.”

Huntsman Enterprise SIEM and Unified Console are available now across all territories with these new dashboard capabilities built in.  Please contact Huntsman Security at for further information.

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