At any time, your team can run a quick and easy check to understand the alignment of your internal security posture and security policy.

Producing your cyber maturity score, leveraged against the ACSC Essential Eight framework, the Essential 8 Auditor offers high-fidelity measurement of your cyber security maturity. Vulnerabilities from across the environment are empirically measured, to ensure that the resulting analysis and reports are thorough, accurate and reliable.

Your score and maturity rating report can also be exported in various formats, to inform 3rd party applications and GRC platforms.

Built-in transparency, that provides users with visibility and oversight of the datasets and methodology used for analysis and reporting.

By baselining the current security controls and their effectiveness, the Essential 8 Auditor also highlights IT risks that are not adequately managed.

Non-disruptive self-install to perform an accurate and reliable security assessment of an environment.


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