By baselining the current security controls and their effectiveness, the Essential 8 Auditor also highlights IT risks that are not adequately managed.

The Essential 8 Auditor automatically identifies and classifies each security issue found, providing an explanation of reasons and context to support the prioritisation of remediation actions.

Following remediation, the Essential 8 Auditor can be re-run to measure the effectiveness of the mitigation effort and report any maturity improvement. All assessment results from the Essential 8 Auditor can be stored to allow users the ability to look at previous results and compare their progress.

At any time, your team can run a quick and easy check to understand the alignment of your internal security posture and security policy.

Built-in transparency, that provides users with visibility and oversight of the datasets and methodology used for analysis and reporting.

Non-disruptive self-install to perform an accurate and reliable security assessment of an environment.


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