Adrian Bishop

Head of Engineering & Technology

BEng Aeronautics and Astronautics

Adrian Bishop manages Huntsman Security’s engineering team across Europe and North America. He has over 22 years of experience in the IT security industry working with finance, retail, legal, law enforcement, defence and government enterprises, and is responsible for maintaining Huntsman’s high levels of solution design, software installation, training, support and service delivery.

His focus is to help customers utilise Huntsman Security solutions to deliver intelligent, dynamic and timely security management processes. He is an expert in leveraging automation and using Huntsman’s advanced features to improve security operations processes and customer’s threat management lifecycle.

He is very familiar with working in complex environments and integrating multiple security technologies to deliver rounded solutions that provide more than just the ‘sum of their parts’. This includes using Huntsman Security solutions with other advanced cyber-defence solutions, to provide real-time, proactive monitoring and compliance reporting that enables organisations to secure their data, achieve cost-effective security risk management and reduce their time at risk when issues occur.

Adrian Bishop Head of Engineering & Technology

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