Mairead Keaney

Head of EMEA

M Engineering Science

Mairead Keaney is Huntsman Security’s Head of EMEA. She is responsible for managing operations, sales, marketing and support, and works directly with customers and through channel partners to help reduce business risk.

Mairead’s particular skills in business building and development have been pivotal in the growth of Huntsman from its early days to an established global business with regional offices and a range of customers across the government, defence, finance, telecommunications and enterprise sectors.

Her view is that security should be more like keeping fit than climbing Everest: once an enterprise has ‘done the yards’ and achieved a certain level, it should be relatively easy to maintain. She also likens security to a moving target – enterprises need to keep alert and active to manage cyber threats.

Mairead has over 25 years’ experience in senior management and IT roles with Vodafone, Optus and Lend Lease. Her background working with high-end defence and intelligence sector customers means she sees first hand where enhanced analytic and intelligent detection and diagnosis should be applied.

Mairead Keaney Head of EMEA

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