Peter Woollacott

Chief Executive

M Applied Finance and Business Administration

Peter Woollacott is the CEO and founder of Huntsman Security, and the driving force behind its success. He is an expert in cyber risk and security solutions.

Peter helped to pioneer Huntsman innovations including:

  • Real-time in-stream threat detection.
  • Machine-learning-based anomaly detection.
  • Continuous compliance dashboards.
  • Automated incident resolution in seconds.

These innovations continue to set the benchmark in the global security market.

Under Peter’s leadership, Huntsman continues to remain at the vanguard of IT compliance and security technology, and a go-to platform for enterprises that are serious about preventing, detecting and managing cyber threats.

He is regularly sought for advice on ways to use technology to reduce risk, improve governance and, ultimately, deliver competitive advantage.

Before starting Huntsman, Peter spent many years at senior and executive levels in several major corporations, and as a strategic advisor to leading Australian and international companies.

Peter Woollacott Chief Executive

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