John Liefeld

Chief Architect

John leads the technical team for Huntsman Security and is responsible for the technology, its design and development roadmap. He is a foundation member of the Huntsman team.

John has over 25 years’ experience in systems architecture and software development, having lead major projects for Optus, Telstra and the Reserve Bank of Australia. In addition, he is a subject matter expert in database system development and data-warehousing. John’s experience has made a major impact on the design, functionality and ease of use of the Huntsman technology, and he continues to respond to user experience and recommendations.

John feels that IT should be an enabler of business not a barrier to it and that more IT departments should be problem solvers rather than problem makers. He feels that the first IT response shouldn’t be how difficult it will be to fix a problem; it should be how to go about it.

John Liefeld Chief Architect


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